4x4 Customization in Phoenix, AZ



Your new 4x4 may be the envy of the neighborhood because it’s shiny, new, and fresh off the dealer’s lot. There’s nothing like the new car smell and the smooth gloss exterior. Everyone else thinks you’re over the moon, but you can’t be because something just not right. Your 4x4 is definitely yours, you have the receipts. The problem is that it’s just not you, at least not yet. Personalize your 4x4 by adding all the upgrades and custom add-ons that reflect you as a 4x4 driver. The factory does a great job at building a quality automobile but they only get you off to a good start. With all the considerations that 4x4 drivers have for their vehicle’s individual performance and purpose, customization services are vital. Some drivers appreciate the showmanship of driving a fully customized 4x4; replacing factory air intake and filters, upgrading the exhaust system, braking system, or reprogramming the computerized engine control unit.


Other 4x4 drivers customize their truck for better performance on- and off-road. Your 4x4 is able to accomplish so much more when it’s equipped with a set of tires and wheels that match your specific needs. Whether you’re pushing, pulling, towing or traveling across rugged terrains, we’ll make sure your 4x4 is at its best. Make sure your vehicle is off-road ready by coming to us for the appropriate tires purchase and installation. The manufacturers have basically prepared your 4x4 for highway travel because that’s where the majority of the driving will be done. However, these tires which are quieter and with softer side walls are never ready for what you have planned. They’re susceptible to excessive wear-and-tear which leads to puncture and flats. We can get you riding off-road on a set of tires that are built to withstand the trauma of any terrain. In addition to quality tires, the off-road experience shocks, and suspension upgrades. The same trauma that the factory set of tires could not handle will be no easier for the factory suspension.


Most of our customers come to us with plenty of ideas about what they want to do with their 4x4. Those are the appointments we like best! You’re excited, we’re excited, and together we devise a plan for the ultimate 4x4 customization. Our team is highly trained and experienced with all 4x4 upgrades. We provide the type of automotive counsel and expertise that helps you get exactly what you want out of your truck. Give us a call today to schedule your next 4x4 service appointment. Let’s get your vehicle to the standard that you imagined, then take it to a level beyond your imagination. You can also save time by using our convenient online scheduling system.

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