Leveling Kits in Phoenix, AZ


The most popular upgrade for an off-road vehicle is the leveling kit, which levels both the front and rear suspension. Almost all production SUVs, trucks, and other popular off-road vehicles come out of the factory with lower front suspension to increase fuel economy. Leveling the suspension gives your vehicle a more square-jaw look and a performance advantage. At The Lift Shop, we have the equipment and tools to install the latest in suspension leveling kits and parts. Our shop, nestled in the heart of Phoenix, houses a group of ProComp certified technicians that have over 20 years of experience. They handle all forms of suspension modification and installation.


You may wonder what benefits there are to getting a leveling kit for your truck? To start with, leveling your suspension will increase ground clearance, a necessity for off-roading. Couple it with an outstanding aftermarket suspension, and your vehicle will be transformed. Unlike lift kits, leveling kits are relatively cheap since there are few parts involved. The upshot is, you'll be able to use more of your budget on suspension parts like shocks and control arms. Whichever kit you buy, you will also need to get a full alignment on your vehicle.


It is true that installing a leveling kit on your vehicle can be a very simple job. However, the quality of the install is dependent on the layout of the vehicle and your skills with a wrench. If you ask anyone about our shop, odds are you will get a satisfied customer. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction and safety. Even if you only come to us for a consultation, we want to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best decision possible. Whatever you decide, there will be better convenience than leaving your vehicle in our hands. We guarantee you will not be disappointed in our work. Our technicians know how to make the fine adjustments. After we're done, you'll be on your next great adventure in no time.


The options available for you right now boil down to three main types; Strut Extension, Torsion Key, and Coil Spring Spacer. Strut Extension kits usually fall under full to mid-size pickups and SUVs. One way of going about it is placing spacers on top or bottom of the strut. The spacer can also be removed if you don't like the ride. For those that want more precise tuning, there are adjustable kits that can change the ride height. The Torsion Key kit, like the name suggests, is used for vehicles that have a torsion bar system. The custom keys are more durable than the factory keys, raising the vehicle without making the vehicle susceptible to suspension damage. Lastly, there are the Coil Spring Spacers. Much like strut extensions, they add spacers to either top or bottom of the spring. Make sure that the kit comes with a shock extension if required for the modification.


Bear in mind, any kit you decide to buy is also contingent on the vehicle you drive. Be sure to do a ton of research and take measurements. Compare the ground clearance between the front and back wheels and note the difference. If you have any questions about leveling kits or like to go ahead and schedule an appointment, please give us a call. Our office is located at 1911 E Bell Road in Phoenix, AZ. We're ready to get you on your great off-road adventure!

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