Off-Road Lighting in Phoenix, AZ


When it comes to driving off-road at night, you need to come prepared. And that means having the right lighting equipment on your vehicle! At The Lift Shop in Phoenix, we are proud to offer you top-level light kit installation and customization. Whether you plan on roaming through the deserts of Arizona or tackling the snowy mountains of Colorado, we have the right solutions for you. We want to share some lighting options specific to trucks and off-road vehicles. If you have questions, call us today and we can discuss lighting options for your off-road vehicle and how we can set you up for your next great adventure!


For years, the halogen bulb was the go-to choice for many off-roaders. It was a common sight to see these mounted on top of a Baja trophy truck blasting through the desert night. Nowadays, they have fallen behind both LED and HID lighting systems in terms of brightness and energy efficiency. While they may not be as efficient, they are a cheaper option for those on a budget. LED lights provide superior brightness while using a fraction of the energy. Because of this, they are extremely compact, durable, and last longer than any bulb. LEDs burn out quickly, however, if they are not installed properly and have bad wiring. HID, or Xenon lights, are similar to LEDs, providing superior brightness to that of Halogens. Unlike the LED, though, HID lights do not shine as bright but can cover a wider area and produce light in infrared (IR). Infrared light can help melt snow and ice if you live in a colder area. It also costs half as much as an LED but will only last about a tenth of the LED's lifespan. Also, be sure to look for lights with an IP67 rating that are both waterproof and dustproof.


There are four types of light patterns for mounting: spot, driving, fog, and flood. Spotlights are usually mounted at the top of the truck and produce a high-intensity beam that can travel a far distance ahead of the vehicle. If you find yourself in complete darkness and need to plot your path, this is the light for you. Driving lights are mounted on the grill to help expand the range and scope of your visibility. Fog lights, mounted beneath the headlights, cut through adverse weather conditions like fog, dust, and heavy snow or rain. Floodlights have the dual purpose of being a back-up light and a work light. It illuminates a broad area very near the vehicle. This is very beneficial if you're traversing over rocky terrain.


This all may be a lot to digest, but it's important that you know what all goes into off-road lighting. There are plenty of ways of going about it, and no two light combinations are the same. When you're ready to consider your car's custom off-road lighting, give us a call. We're located at 1911 E Bell Road in Phoenix, Arizona. We look forward to giving your off-road vehicle the lighting modifications that will set it apart from the pack!

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